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Daniel Fusco – Tilling the Soil

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Daniel Fusco wants to reach people from all walks of life and has taken the parable of the soils as a
blueprint for his preaching style. He doesn’t want to focus on the good soil and miss out on all of
the others. Daniel is purposeful in his sermon calendar planning to provide opportunities for members in the church to invite new
people and creating easy onramps for the community around him. He always creates space for
the bad, shallow, and rocky soil each and every Sunday. He believes the church always needs to serve
people above all else. Daniel does his very best to make the church experience easy and
accessible for people to find and benefit from.

Daniel Fusco is a pastor, coach, and encourager with a unique ability to connect
with people from all walks of life and talk with them about Jesus and spirituality. He is
the lead pastor of Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver, Washington, a
ministry that reaches people across the globe with the message that Jesus is real. He
inspires people to live out their faith by simply responding to Jesus. Daniel is the
author of Upward, Inward, Outward; Honestly; and Crazy Happy (releasing February
2021). His radio program Jesus is Real Radio and the TV show Real with Daniel Fusco can
be found on stations across the U.S., including the Hillsong Channel. His popular 2 Minute
Message videos and encouraging daily content can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,
and Twitter. He lives in Southwest Washington with his wife Lynn and their three kids.
Daniel’s early preaching experience threw him into a month of Sunday sermons. Early positive
feedback and a passion for the lost set the foundation for preaching. Daniel moved back to the
Bay Area and began an internship and a Thursday night bible study. He doesn’t remember a lot
of the specifics of his early sermons but recalls the words of a mentor. Those early studies won’t
be great and be thankful for your test sheep. Without them, you’ll never find your own style and

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Resources mentioned:
Psalm 139:1-6 sermon – Radiant pt 1
John Henry Corcoran
The Art and Craft of Biblical Preaching

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