CGN Covid-19 Coverage

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, we at GoodLion and CGN want to do our best to keep you informed and encouraged during these times. On this page, you can find all our podcasts and resources relating to updates, ministering while under quarantine, and staying grounded and connected during these trying times. We are adding more each week, so be sure to check this page often. We love you and are praying for you during this time!

Covid-19Lead 2 Serve with Ed Taylor

208a. Leading in A Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has changed our lives in unprecedented ways. How do we lead? What should I say? How can I help my family, my team, my church through the difficulties? On today’s SPECIAL EPISODE of Lead2Serve, Pastor Ed helps us with practical and powerful…
Ed Taylor
March 24, 2020
Better DaysCovid-19

Coronavirus, a Crisis + Mental Health

We are all living through an unprecedented crisis. This global pandemic is reshaping the way we live our lives. Many of us are feeling a little unsettled, stressed, and anxious. How do we remain mentally healthy in this new reality? In this episode, I explain…
Wesley Towne
March 24, 2020
Covid-19In No Hurry

Navigating a COVID-19 World

What do you do when your world as you know it is flipped upside down — when the everyday norms you're accustomed to are taken away? The Coronavirus outbreak has rattled our world, both literally and metaphorically. What we're realizing now is that our identity…
Cole Claybourn
March 17, 2020