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Podcast Parables


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Podcast Parables – Season 4
GEN1 – Proclaiming Jesus. Building the Church
Episode 5 – Cornelius
Around these parts, we love exploring and interacting with Scripture and encourage you to do the same. All of these stories are taken straight from the pages of the Word, with Biblical integrity and historical accuracy held at highest priority but there is permission to fill in the blanks of what was not written and to imagine what might have been. So, welcome, glad you’re here! Today, we will take a look at Cornelius, a Roman centurion, and labeled the first GENTILE, or non-Jewish convert to The Way. James E. Kiefer says, “In New Testament times, an estimated ten per cent of the population of the Roman Empire consisted of God-fearers, Gentiles who recognized that the pagan belief in many gods and goddesses, who according to the myths about them were given to adultery, treachery, intrigue, and the like, was not a religion for a thoughtful and moral worshipper, and who had accordingly embraced an ethical monotheism–belief in One God, who had created the world, and who was the upholder of the Moral Law. Although only a few of them took the step of formal conversion to Judaism, undergoing circumcision and accepting the obligations of keeping the food laws and ritual laws of Moses and his rabbinical interpreters, most of them attended synagogue services regularly.”
This is the story of Cornelius, found in Acts Chapter 10. Enjoy.

Acts 10 –


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