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cgncovid19Wilderness Devotional

A Prayer For Covid-19

"Thank You, father. This calamity is not the first one You've seen, nor will it be the last. You've seen so much more than we can comprehend. You've been fighting this battle since before we were born. You are relentlessly fighting against the enemy, relentlessly…
Aaron Salvato
April 15, 2020
Wilderness Devotional

The Empty Road

"The Logos was sent to bridge the enormous gap between God and the material world." - Philo What road are you walking? There are so many roads, but not all of them lead to the good life. Many are empty and lead us to nowhere.…
Aaron Salvato
April 7, 2020
Wilderness Devotional

Relentless Love

"Jesus is eternally and tirelessly bringing everything and everyone together. The energy of reconciliation is the dynamo at the heart of the universe." - Eugene Peterson Jesus loves his family and he is constantly on a mission to bring his family back. He is relentlessly…
Aaron Salvato
April 4, 2020