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Jesus Famous

Easter Tips For Pastors

Pastor Nate sits down with fellow pastors and talks about different tips their churches have used to prepare for the Easter season.Follow Pastor Nate:Website: nateholdridge.comInstagram: @nateholdridgeChurch: calvary.comResources Mentioned in Today's Episode:Tommy Cota Church - Hope Alive ChurchPilgrim Benham - Kings Cross ChurchBen Sobels - Cypress…
Nate Holdridge
March 23, 2023
Temporary Tenants

Eric Hoke – R.I.P. Church Planting

This week on the pod we have Pastor Eric Hoke of All Saints Church in the Bronx, NYC. Eric is the planting pastor of All Saints Church. Eric also is a Covocational Church Planter and Proven Marketplace Professional specializing in Staffing & Corporate Training. He…
Cody Nunes
March 21, 2023

How can we serve when we are busy and overwhelmed?

In this episode, we answer a question from one of our students at the GoodLion school of discipleship on the topic of servanthood, which is an essential element of Christian discipleship. At the heart of servanthood is the concept of selflessness, which requires us to…
Aaron Salvato
March 17, 2023
When She Leads

Friendly Fire

In this episode, we are joined by Kelly Bell and Rosemary Cady as we discuss and learn how to deal with conflict, criticism, and confrontation among fellow Christians. Every "friendly fire" situation is unique and requires humility, mercy, wisdom, and prayer. We pray that this…