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Diving Deeper: Social Media

You either love it or hate it: social media has pros and cons. Depending on your personal experience, you definitely have an opinion on your kids using it. Join us for some great discussion on Moming through social media.
Rachel and Stacy
July 31, 2021
Women Worth Knowing

Kris Repp P2

Kris Repp: In this episode, we continue with the story of our friend, Kris Repp, a remarkable woman who has brought her nursing gifts and love for Jesus all over the world! Join us for more stories of God’s faithfulness, as well as wisdom and…
Cheryl Brodersen
July 31, 2021

Deuteronomy 12-14

Moses reminds the people of existing laws and even expounds on some of them more deeply. Ultimately, we see how God has structurally designed Israel to be set apart and be wholly different from their surrounding neighbors.
Justin Thomas
July 31, 2021