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Women Worth Knowing

More Medieval Women

More Medieval Women: We continue our look at medieval women with a few more gals who had a greater influence on the course of Church History than anyone realizes! We will talk about Marcella and Paula, who helped Jerome translate the Latin Vulgate; the Roman…
Cheryl Brodersen
October 28, 2021

Joshua 22-24

The Israelites beyond the Jordan erect a memorial altar that nearly sparks a civil war. Joshua is ready to die and addresses the nation one last time.
Justin Thomas
October 27, 2021
Never Ending Story


Theological pride, celebrity pastors, self centered worship, and more has brewed the perfect storm. There is a new movement in the american evangelical church where we no longer preach the gospel of Christ, but the gospel of self. Ry is joined by Ben Ritter as…
Zachariah Paulsen
October 26, 2021