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Burnout + Leading

Burnout is an epidemic in our culture. Leaders are facing symptoms of burnout, and wondering how to navigate a path out of this overwhelming and exhausting state. In this episode, I talk about my story of burnout, explain what burnout is, and give a pathway…
Wesley Towne
January 17, 2020

Why Kanye West Has Everyone Talking

"Like Dylan before him, Kanye has made it clear as to Who He now serves. West has shared in several interviews that He was recently saved, within this past year, particularly after undergoing a season of personal difficulties, including a very public mental breakdown. This…
Josh Sorenson
November 10, 2019

Jesus Is King & Kanye West

I was first introduced to Kayne as a young, upcoming artist featured on the BET show 106 and Park. Anyone who heard this smooth lyric slanging rapper back then knew he was destined to be a Hip Hop Great. So walking into the barber shop…
Marlon Brown
November 6, 2019

God May Want You To Do Less

What if God's will was for you to NOT do something? For Paul, he seemed pretty happy that God kept him from some ministry opportunities. This article dives into how we can be content in what God has for us, not longing for what He…
Brian Higgins
August 7, 2019