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New show: Biblical Plotlines by Kris King!

The Biblical Plotlines podcast helps listeners to understand the story of the books within the Bible. The Bible tells the incredible message of God’s redemption throughout history that has culminated in the death and resurrection of Jesus. As each book within the Bible contributes in…
Good Lion Team
March 23, 2020

Coronavirus and the Christian

Pilgrim Benham: The world is going through a significant trial! As this article is being written, over 130,000 people worldwide have contracted the COVID-19 disease and just under five thousand have died from it. Thankfully, as Christ-followers, the Scripture gives us hope in the midst…
Pilgrim Benham
March 12, 2020
ArticlesBetter Days

Healthy Rhythms + Leading

We live in a fast paced, frenetic, and overloaded culture. Leadership only intensifies this reality. Instead of letting the demands around us to dictate our life rhythms, we need to re-engineer our lives by proactively choosing to build our life around healthy rhythms. Healthy rhythms…
Wesley Towne
January 28, 2020