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Big Pharma: Michelle’s Story & the Healthcare System

By April 10, 2021No Comments

This episode is to help you think critically about your health! No we don’t have all the answers, we just want to create conversation. Health isn’t one size fit all we’re all on a journey! Big Pharma is something that’s always interested Airriaunte – so she was grateful to have Michelle on to tell her story! Michelle Ans
Holistic Health Consultant Radical Birth Keeper

Michelle loves helping women and families have the support and natural tools needed to heal from health struggles and truly thrive again with vibrant energy. She works with each person/family and addresses health from a holistic approach to discover what each person needs.

Her interest in natural birth that started when she was 11 yrs old working with a midwife in Africa, this interest grew into a fiery passion when she realized how much birth abuse and health abuse happens in the medical system in North America. She now helps women online and in the Nashville TN/surrounding areas have beautiful, peaceful, healthy home births with no medical intervention.

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