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Women Worth Knowing

Argula von Grumbach & Marie Dentiere

By April 19, 2022No Comments

 Argula von Grumbach (1492-c.1557) & Marie Dentiere (1495-1561): The early years of the Protestant Reformation created unprecedented opportunities for women, particularly in terms of writing. Two standout examples of this phenomenon are the fearless and outspoken authors, Argula von Grumbach and Marie Dentiere. Confident of their biblical standing as Christian women in ministry, Argula and Marie tackled highly controversial issues of their day, regardless of pushback from religious leaders. Although censured and suppressed in their lifetime, they have since been recognized as profound theological writers and key Reformation figures. They are without a doubt women worth knowing!

  • Women and the Reformation by Kersi Stjerna
  • Women of the Reformation in Germany & Italy by Roland Bainton
  • Reformation Thought: An Anthology of Sources by Margaret King



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