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Amy Gannett- Holy Curiosity, Fix Your Eyes, and Tiny Theologians

By April 22, 2021No Comments

Amy Gannett is the founder and creator of Tiny Theologians, creating discipleship tools to pass on the Christian faith to the youngest members of our households. She is perhaps most well known as simply someone who loves the Word of God so much that she creates and distributes high-quality exegetical Bible studies, courses, and tools for people to learn to study and love the Word themselves. Her forthcoming book “Fix Your Eyes: How Our Study of God Shapes Our Worship of Him” is an exploration of how our study of the nature and character of God as revealed in his Word, is truly an invitation to respond in the affectionate, obedient discipleship of worship and how worship should always be rooted in theology.

In this conversation, Amy and Jeremy talk about how curiosity is the best tool to bring to your Bible. They also discuss how to navigate the most difficult questions life and faith have to offer whether you’re discussing it with adults, college students, or our own children.

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