Genesis 6:9-9:17

This week, we navigate the flood narrative. Genesis 6:9 through 9:17 bear the motif of rest, remembering, and covenant. Knowing the justice of God's wrath, what manner of person ought we to be?
Justin Thomas
September 30, 2020
Women Worth Knowing

Amanda Berry Smith

Amanda Berry Smith (1837-1915): In today’s podcast we will be telling the fascinating story of Amanda Berry Smith, a woman born into slavery in Maryland who became an evangelist, international preacher, missionary to Liberia and founder of an orphanage for African American children. You definitely…
Cheryl Brodersen
September 29, 2020
Better Days

Efrem Smith: The Pain of Racism

In Season 5, we are opening up a conversations to learn about the Pain of Racism. In Episode 6, Efrem Smith shares his story--his pain, the mental and emotional toll of racism, and offers practical steps toward equality and reconciliation. Efrem is a leading voice…
Wesley Towne
September 27, 2020
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