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In No Hurry

Episode 4: Tyson Helton

Coach Helton, like any football coach, has moved around quite a bit in his coaching career. He started his career in 2000 at the University of Hawaii and worked his way up to eventually be the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for during an unprecedented…
Cole Claybourn
February 22, 2020
Better Days

Xavier Brasseur: Fear, Insecurity + Leading

All of us have experienced fear and insecurity. These are real and challenging mental and emotional experiences. How do we filter through our fears and insecurities in a healthy way, so that they do not overtake our mental, emotional, and relational health? How do we…
Wesley Towne
February 20, 2020
GoodLion Picks

Where the Gospel Meets Gentrification

We want to share with you this awesome episode from the Love Thy Neighborhood Podcast, an incredible show that looks at what happens when the Gospel meets some of the hardest places in our culture. In this episode: Christians say they believe in loving the…
Good Lion Team
February 19, 2020