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Better Days

Complexity of Suffering as a Leader

Being a leader or public figure and suffering has always been challenging territory. In this episode, I discuss the unique challenges leaders face when living through personal suffering or experiencing mental health conditions. I offer some encouraging thoughts that I have learned along the way.…
Wesley Towne
September 9, 2019
Church History with Lance Ralston

08 Not Really An Apology

Anyone who embarks on a study of church history and starts at the beginning will soon run in to a pile of church leaders known as the Church Fathers. They’re often divided into the Ante-Nicean and Post-Nicean Fathers; meaning the church leaders who lived ante-before…
Lance Ralston
September 4, 2019
The Expositors Collective

Episode 63 – Mike Doyle | Cultural Engagement and The Importance of Maintaining a Prophetic Voice

In this conversation Mike & Clay speak with Pastor Mike Doyle about cultural engagement and the importance of maintaining a prophetic voice as well as the exciting possibilities of collaborative sermon preparation. Mike Neglia’s Easter to Pentecost series: Mike Doyle’s Easter to Pentecost series:…
Mike Neglia
September 3, 2019