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Church History with Lance Ralston

08 Not Really An Apology

Anyone who embarks on a study of church history and starts at the beginning will soon run in to a pile of church leaders known as the Church Fathers. They’re often divided into the Ante-Nicean and Post-Nicean Fathers; meaning the church leaders who lived ante-before…
Lance Ralston
September 4, 2019
The Expositors Collective

Episode 63 – Mike Doyle | Cultural Engagement and The Importance of Maintaining a Prophetic Voice

In this conversation Mike & Clay speak with Pastor Mike Doyle about cultural engagement and the importance of maintaining a prophetic voice as well as the exciting possibilities of collaborative sermon preparation. Mike Neglia’s Easter to Pentecost series: Mike Doyle’s Easter to Pentecost series:…
Mike Neglia
September 3, 2019
First Time Bible Teacher

30. The Teacher as Servant

Jesus came to be a servant, not to receive service from us. Bible teachers need to follow his example. This episode examines some bad motives that may slip into the hearts of Bible teachers. It also point to the right motive to teach as well…
Brian Higgins
September 2, 2019