Better Days

The Anxious Mind

Patterns of thinking are formed intentionally and unintentionally. When it comes to living with an anxious mind, it is important to begin to evaluate patterns of thinking and what has formed those patterns over time. In this episode, I talk about the anxious mind, the…
Wesley Towne
August 29, 2019
Church History with Lance Ralston

07 The Spreading Tree

Tertullian, pastor of the church of Carthage in North Africa, addressed unbelievers at the beginning of the 3rd C, saying à “We are but of yesterday, and yet we already fill your cities, islands, camps, your palace, senate and forum; we have left to you…
Lance Ralston
August 28, 2019
Better Days

Deconstructing Stigmas

There are so many false ideas about mental health + suffering. In this episode, I deconstruct a number of stigmas about mental health and suffering through the ancient story of Job. 
Wesley Towne
August 26, 2019
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